Our Clients Have Been Proving It

Every Day For Almost 40 Years

For almost 40 years, Electronics Manufacturing Sciences' clients around the world have been turning out perfect soldering without touchup or rework using the lessons they gained from Science of Soldering©. Their operators and technicians do it right the first time, every time. No other solder training and certification can achieve results even remotely similar.

"Industry Standard" Training Isn't Working Anymore

Most companies spend great amounts of time and money on "industry standard" solder training. But the rework and failures continue despite those huge investments. Why? Because they're buying the wrong kind of training. The "industry standard" training consists of memorizing pictures of acceptable connections without providing the process knowledge needed to make those connections. If there is hands-on soldering, students are only told to make things look visually acceptable, not how to make them reliable. It's a lot like "teaching" driving by handing over keys and a map with no instruction about how to start the vehicle, let alone drive.

The reality is that an assembly with cosmetically perfect solder connection may be unreliable, It all depends on HOW the connections were made. The heat from an improperly used soldering iron will allow solder to stick to oxides and contaminants. The result is cosmetically acceptable but components have been damaged by overheating and there is no intermetallic bond. HOW the connection was made, not appearance, determines reliability. And Science of Soldering© is the only soldering course that teaches how to prevent heat damage and ensure reliable wetting. Connections made using Science of Soldering© methodology not only look perfect, they ARE perfectly reliable.

What Makes Science of Soldering© Different?

Science of Soldering© is different from every other soldering course. Soldering is like baking a cake in the sense that there is a recipe. Following the recipe guarantees perfect results just as following the recipe for baking ensures a perfect cake. Failure to follow the recipe results in defects. So, instead of telling students to memorize picture of solder connections, we teach the "recipe" that guarantees perfect soldering. The combination of videos, demonstrations, experiments, process problem troubleshooting and problem-solving, hands-on practice with today's components, workbook exercises and discussions exceeds every other approach. Not only does Science of Soldering© teach much more (including critical process techniques other courses simply don't know), classes take much less time. Science of Soldering© makes the most seasoned technicians even better, it also equips complete novices for doing the most advanced soldering - and it only takes two days!

Don't take our word for it. See what Science of Soldering© clients say. And us this quick (it only takes seconds) form to get a no-obligation quotation for putting Science of Soldering© to work in your plant.

Are You Getting the Most for Your Training Dollar?

You have a choice. You can spend a great deal of money and have your employees away from production for a long time, OR you can spend less money and have your people back to work sooner. Moreover, the cheaper, shorter course will make your employees (including those who have been soldering forever) more efficient and their work more reliable.

The expensive way is the "industry standard" approach. The cheaper, more effective way, is Science of Soldering©. (Yes, the other way gives out certificates, but so does Science of Soldering©.)

Honestly, Have Those Courses Made Your Employees Any Better?

Why settle for expensive training that takes employees away from work for up to a week without making them more productive or increasing product reliability? Science of Soldering© covers all the generally accepted requirements - and ensures your people will always meet those requirements the first time, every time.

You can see the operator and technician curriculum here. The engineering curriculum is here. But you can save a lot of time simply by filling out this form (it only takes seconds) and letting us customize a program that makes the most sense for you.








  • That soldering is mostly about chemistry
  • 7 easy steps that guarantee perfect soldering
  • The workmanship that all customers expect
  • Why most of what you've been told about soldering is wrong
  • A simple technique for ensuring that components never get much above the melting temperature of solder (most component failures are caused by overheating components)
  • Why cosmetically "perfect" connections may not be reliable
  • Why your company soldering techniques guarantee failure
  • How to make a $90 soldering iron perform like an $800 iron
  • Why "soldering" tin-plated parts is not actually soldering
  • A simple, easy way to work with ground planes
  • The fast, simple way to solder fine-pitch surface mount components
  • How to replace any component — without damaging the PCB (and without any special equipment)
  • The secret to easy lead-free soldering
  • Why you can't inspect-in reliability
  • Why flux-cored solder isn't suited to soldering
  • Why the greatest challenges of the lead-free world have almost nothing to do with the solder alloy
  • To never trust any lessons from the Internet
  • The "industry standards" that are 100% wrong
  • How to pick a true "no clean" flux (and avoid the false claims of flux manufacturers)